13 March 2009

Guest Post at Knowing the Difference

Check it out!  Today I'm guest posting over at the ever-charming and lovely Mandy's place!  If you don't already follow her blog, please give it a whirl.  She is one of the most insightful and genuine people I've met on the web!


Stacy said...

Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog - was browsing through historic Irvington blogs and their blog favorites and yours was one of them! Hope you are doing well!

Mandy said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and your post! I hope you are having a great week.

Nawal said...

Hi Katie,
I just randomly came across your blog looking for passages from "I Know This Much is True" by Wally Lamb. Great novel by the way.
It seems you are not blogging anymore.I only read the passage about law school and loved it.I wish i could have read that when i was struggling through and eventually dropped out of college. Good luck in all you do.

Mandy said...

I really, REALLY miss you and your blog. =)