04 June 2008


I just had to share my excitement--I FINALLY was able to talk to my family tonight!  I talked my sister's ear off for over 30 minutes, and I even got to talk to the REB for a few minutes.

Thanks to my brilliant brother-in-law, we have finally solved the Chilean cell phone issue!  YAY for modern communication!


heather said...

Brett's study-abroad program allowed the kids to rent phones/plans so he can call us. Tonight,I wanted to talk to him,though. So, I called AT&T to get an international plan for my phone...the lady was like "Mexico isn't international. Oh, wait, I mean NEW MEXICO." :)

Glad you got to talk to everybody!!


Brian @ DYSB said...

I am the brilliant-est or something like that.

Glad I could help...

Redhoon said...

Congrats!! It's such a relief/joy when you can finally talk to your family! :D And congrats on the metro card purchase--your victories are already adding up.

STL said...

o gringita mia! i have just raced through your blog, so excited to find it and so delighted to read your honest, beautiful, clear thoughts. yay for late night facebook wandering and finding this fun site! am so thrilled for you that you're in Chile - how neat. hope we can catch up soon. be well. xoxx sarah