02 June 2008

Soy vieja, no?

I am so tired I can hardly write this.  Running around town with 20 year-olds is apparently too much for me!  

Today was my first day at the language school, and it went really well.  I really like my teacher, and the other students are very nice...and very young.  I have planned to go out with them every OTHER time they go out, because that will still probably be 3-4 times a week.  These kids and their energy!  Also, we got another American student at our house today, named Paul.  If I do not kill him before the month is up, I should get a gold star and a guaranteed pass into heaven.  He is part of this big group of students from University of Richmond...all of whom are wonderful...except Paul.  I shouldn't say that.  Really, he's a nice person.  But SO SO SO immature and a typical loud American.  I know 20 year-old males are stupid, but he is both annoying (chews with his mouth open, interrupts conversations, etc) and LOUD.  On the micro (bus), he was talking so loud in English that literally every person on the bus was looking at us.  I wanted to die.  Rather, I wanted to slap him, and then die.  My whole goal here has been not stand out as an annoying American, and this kid makes it impossible not to stand out.  New goal:  AVOID AVOID AVOID.

Tonight was actually a very early night by Chilean standards, and even by American standards, for that matter.  Tonight, Lisa, Paul, Jonathan (Denis' son who is visiting), and I walked to the apartment of another student, Andrea on the north side of Viña.  It was neat to see the other side of the city, but it also made me very glad that we are living on the southeast side.  The north/northwest side of Viña is very new and much like any other beach-type city.  I prefer our little "barrio" which has more houses and fewer high-rises, and feels much more like a quaint little town instead of a big city.  But seeing Valparaíso from across the bay was well worth the trip.

I'm a little frustrated right now for 2 reasons:  1) there is so much i want to write on this blog, but I am so tired and my brain has reached it's maximum output for the day.  But yet I'm afraid that I'll forget what I want to say!  And 2) My internet (or lack of) and my troubles with Skype are making me crazy.  All I want to do is talk to my mom!!!!!  For all it's advances, the wi fi in Chile is still sub par.  :(  

This blog post is miserable.  I am too tired to even make sense or sound as positive as I feel.  Time for bed, and I'll try to write something more intelligent tomorrow!

Hasta luego!

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