31 May 2008

Addendum to La Primera Dia

Two notes before I go to bed:

1.  My host father is ridiculously nice!!!  He is always positive and very lighthearted.  Only problem is:  I can't understand a word he says!  Ok, so I can understand about 1/2 of it.  But I've realized that it's his accent--very very soft and hard to decipher.  And for some reason, I am soooo intimidated by the thought of speaking in front of him.  So, new goal:  talk to Denis more!

2. Denis gave me an electric blanket to sleep with and I almost cried tears of joy.  This house is a freaking cold sink!  It's warmer OUTSIDE than inside!!!!  Good thing I have an electric blanket and 2 goosedown comforters on my bed.  :)

As for me, it's off to bed.  Buenas noches a todos!

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heather said...

Oh, I talked to Brett today -- he really likes his host family,too. Said that his host father is really sweet, plays in a band, and reminds him of our uncle. Yay for the wonderful folks who are taking care of the people I love this summer!! :)