20 May 2008

What Will I Miss the Most?

While I am very very VERY exciting for my upcoming trip to Chile, I've spent some time reflecting on the things that I'm going miss during my 2 months away.  Naturally, I'll miss my family, the REB, my friends, etc.  I will probably cry countless hours over Ms. Lucy-Belle (as my dad has nicknamed her).  And of course, I will miss my daily trip to Homemade Pie & Ice Cream to get an oversized slice of caramel cake.  :)  

But the thing I will miss the most is this:  SEX AND THE CITY, THE MOVIE.  

I am a MORON because I booked my flight the day the movie is released.  Stupid, stupid!  Clearly, I did not have my priorities in line!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that they do a midnight release so that I can get my fix before I leave.  I've checked movie release dates in Chile, and most major U.S. films open in Santiago 2-3 weeks after they do in the U.S.  I CANNOT WAIT THAT LONG.  

So what I will be missing most is a movie about fashion and relationships.  What does that say about me????  ;)

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legaleagle2009 said...

Haha!! I love it!! Its so funny, I missed so much stuff when I was in Spain...I had a conversation with my dad a few months later and he kept saying "How can you not remember it was all over the news!" (can't remember know what it was about) but once we figured out it was when I was gone it made so much sense.

I hope you enjoy your time in Chile...I think the thing I missed the most was not being home...even if home meant a city I didn't know but a country I did...

yay for Chile! I am jealous! Good luck hon! P.S. sorry for the long comment