14 July 2008

An apology (to my 3 loyal readers) about the absence...

...but I just can't seem to find the motivation to sit in front of my computer when there is so much to do in CHILE!!!

I promise to be better about updating this measly little blog...when law school resumes.  I'll be daydreaming of Chile, so I can post memories of my adventures then.

A few short updates:

1. My Spanish has GREATLY improved!  I am nowhere near fluent (you would have to live abroad at least a year, or more, to achieve that) but I definitely hold my own.  I've finally mastered the art of understanding the frustrating Chilean accent (they constantly drop the last syllable of almost all words, and have different vocabulary for almost everything).  I truly feel like I could have some sort of intelligible conversation in Spanish with almost anyone now.

2. I still haven't figured out where I'm going to travel on my last week here.  Options include:  San Pedro de Atacama, Chile; Cuzco/Macchu Picchu, Peru; northern Brazil (BEACH); or Mendoza, Argentina with a little skiing in Portillo mixed in.  Sounds lazy, but after experiencing almost ZERO summer this year, I thing I would prefer anywhere with a beach.  However, money + safety = ????  Any thoughts?

3. My job is fairly unremarkable--some things I like, some things I really don't like.  But overall, it has been incredibly interesting and I feel like I have a leg-up on comparative and international law.  My "jefe" is a conundrum, to say the least, and keeps me very busy.  At least he's taking my to the Supreme Court and to see a session of Congress next week!  Yay (or boo) for Chilean lawyers and politicians!

4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it here.  I love the lifestyle, the focus on family, the food (healthy!), and most of all, the deep respect for enjoying life.  Chileans are hard-working, no doubt, but they appreciate the small things:  taking time out of a work day to have coffee with a friend, taking the time to walk places, etc.  Chileans ENJOY life, rather than push through it like most Americans I know.  If anything, I hope I incorporate some of that vision into my own life when I return.

5. And speaking of returning...I am starting the process of alllll those mixed feelings.  Can't wait to see my dog/Mom/friends, but I will mourn this place for certain.  This is going to take up an entire post...more later.

I have 2 more weeks left to live/work in ViƱa del Mar, 1 week of traveling with my family (should be SUPER interesting...), and 1 week of traveling on my own.  Only a month left in Chile....que triste!

Hasta luego!!!  

1 comment:

LucieLu said...

Apology accepted :)

I for one, am selfish and very happy you are coming home for the following reasons:

(1) I miss you
(2) Caramel cake
(3) a possible(?) workout buddy
(4) someone who is crazy like me, doesn't want to be a real lawyer, and would rather talk about _____ country's constitution ("That is SO interesting!") than, oh, Bus Orgs and big firms (i.e. fellow nontraditional nerd)