24 August 2008

Flaky like a biscuit...

Well, well, well, the native son (ahem, daughter) returns!  Ok, so I've technically been back in the U.S. for 3 weeks now, but I've been trying to straighten out my real life before fixing my blog life.  

So much has passed since my last post, and I honestly have no direction for what I want to say right now.  There is so much to say about the trip, returning, and getting back in the swing of law school.  I think I will be proud just to upload a post at all.  :) 

Returning home was an adjustment, to say the least.  I am still saying "permiso" and "disculpe" to random (American) folks.  I even freaked out a woman at Whole Foods on my first day back because I opened my mouth to say something and Spanish accidentally came out.  Things like that happened several times during my first week back.  Also, I made major trouble re-adjusting to the lovely Kentucky heat and humidity.  I don't even need to mention the major body work my winter-weary skin needed, but let's just say that I've been blowing through a bottle of lotion and a razor every week!

The hardest change has been getting back in the law-school swing of things.  I was in denial about the start of classes until I was actually sitting in a classroom listening to my Crim Pro professor welcome us back.  Even then, I was out of it.  It was a surreal experience in that it was completely familar--same ol' classroom, same face, same heavy books--but yet I felt like it had been years since I last took a law school class.  Somehow, my 3 months in Chile felt like 2 years of my life.  In those 3 months, I think I grew up a little bit.  I stopped being so concerned about the law school "game" and realized that it's up to me to blaze my own path.  And that path can take any form I want it to.  I honestly, truly don't care about being caught up in the rat race or competing with my high-strung classmates (FYI, my law school friends who are reading this blog are mercifully NOT part of that group).  

On that note, two major changes have happened in my legal career:  I am now working at Legal Aid (!!!) and I am also doing research on immigration law.  Two things that make this gringa very happy!

And the final major life occurrence for me...The REB and I ended our relationship forever.  Like Mary J., there will be no more drama.  And for now, that's all I care to say about that. 

Ok, so that's it for my first post post-Chile.  Not very exciting, I know, but this election, my new job,  and other recent events are giving me fuel for the fire, folks.  No worries...I still need something to entertain me during class!  

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Redhoon said...

YAY!! I missed your posts! Facebook status updates just weren't cutting it.