03 September 2008

Back in the Swim

For anyone who knows me, you've probably hear my horror stories/glory days about my former life as a swimmer.  However, 10 years of chlorination was enough, and I abruptly stopped swimming (at all) when I went to college.  I think I could count the number of times I've been in a pool (for fitness only purposes) since I was 19 on one hand.

Until today!  Thanks to my wonderful friend Becca, I hopped back in the swim of things this morning.  As I write this, my hair is wet, my skin is itchy-dry, and my entire apartment smells like chlorine, my left ear is full of water, and my shoulders hurt.  Good Lord I have MISSED THIS FEELING!

Considering that I'm still carrying around those extra 10 lbs. from my Chile excursion (damn bread and potatoes!) I plan on making it a regular event at least a few times a week.  

Let's just hope my hair doesn't turn green.  And I really don't want back those giant shoulders either.....