13 November 2008


I have my computer back!  

That's right, my dear little dud of a MacBook decided to join the illustrious legion of computers that crash 2 weeks before final exams.  How nice of it.

Alas, the good folks at the Mac store (thank you Will!!!!) brought my little machine back to life, complete with a new hard drive, keyboard, casing, and operating system.  It's virtually new without being new.  It's like if your best friend had massive plastic surgery:  you know it's the same person, but it looks 100% different.  

So I'm back, but I won't be around much.  Finals time is upon us, and I have to cram 3 months of Federal income tax laws into my brain so I can regurgitate them in a 3 hour span.  Fun times!


Lauren said...

I think Will is the fellow who helped me at the MAC store--short cute fellow with beautiful blue eyes?

I'm so glad your computer is back among the living. Were they able to recover your data?

Katie said...

He's short & cute, but I'm 99% sure his eyes are brown. Thinning hair, funny mannerisms, but still totally charming? Damn, WHY are all the guys at the Mac store H-O-T?!?!?!

And YES! They got EVERYTHING, and even put it all back where it belongs! Seriously, I owe Will my left arm & first born child.

Jess said...

Yay new computer! Good luck with finals!

Mandy said...

New computers (or almost just like new computers) are wonderful aren't they?