10 December 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I realize that many people abhor the idea of New Year's resolutions, and even fewer people keep them.  Regardless of the "keeping" element, I do think it's good to take time--whether it's once a year or each month--to evaluate how much you like your life, the direction it's going, and the choices you make.  For me, I try to take stock each season because it just feels right.  As the weather changes, I should take time to look at what I'm doing and determine if it's working for me.  So in honor of 2009 (the year I finish school FOREVER!) and the official coming of winter, here are my new goals:

1. Turn off the TV more often.  I did a pretty good job at this when I first got home from Chile, but I've been bad lately.  I am one of the few people who actually study better with noise than without--something about the action of tuning-out background noise helps me concentrate on the task as hand better.  However, I also have a habit of turning on the TV after 9 p.m., largely because Lucy-dog is comatose at that hour and the quietness unnerves me.  But also, there is nothing but bad reality shows on after 9, so I'm not really sure why I have the TV on in the first place.  Goal:  listen to iTunes instead of TV.  Let TV be a treat, and only watch when something I really want to see is on.  Exceptions for football and basketball games!

2. On the flip side, I want to spend less time on my computer.  While I love reading friends' blogs, doing online crossword puzzles, and reading the Times/Post/Idealist, I do NOT need to waste time checking J.Crew's sale page each day or on Facebook.  In fact, I am just flat-out irritated with the FB (and will reserve that issue for another post).  Once I leave school, there is really no reason to be on my computer unless I'm researching my Race & the Law paper or checking my e-mail once or twice.  That leaves extra time for 3, 4, & 5!

3. Choose outfits at night.  I am AWFUL at wasting time in the morning by throwing on one outfit, taking it off, and trying another.  On any given morning, there will be 2-4 cycles of outfits...and I usually return to the first option.  When I lived at home, this drove my mother crazy, and when I had a boyfriend (pick any one) they hated it too.  I am perpetually late and it often has to do with the outfit picking routine.  Goal:  Take 20 minutes at night to choose the next day's attire.  Try it on at night to make sure I like it.  I don't mind staying up 20 minutes later a night to do this, but I cannot keep being 20 minutes late in the morning.

4. Walk Lucy-dog EVERY DAY, no exceptions.  Ok, pouring rain is an exception, but she hates rain anyway.  Ms. Lucy does get walked about 5 times a week, but sometimes I leave at 8:30 a.m. and get home at 5 p.m. and I'm just too.darn.tired to muster up the energy to deal with squirrel stalking and muddy paws.  But on those days I do rally for the w-a-l-k, I usually end up feeling more energized afterwards, even if it's just for 20 minutes around the neighborhood.  And a walked Lucy-dog is a sweet, cuddly, baby.  A non-walked Lucy digs in trash cans and eats old Kleenex.  Point taken. 

5. Make a new dish each week.  First things to try:  CIA's honey-wheat bread, Ina's citrus roasted chicken, and Christopher's curry pork burgers.  

6. Ride my bike to school instead of driving.  I'm actually really excited about this one.  My sweet new bike, a birthday gift from S., arrived this week, and I can't wait to put my milk crate on the back, basket on the front, and start adventuring around Louisville.  I get so, so, so tired of dealing with traffic on the way to school, and I figure the ride will only take my an extra 5 minutes each way (and remember, I'm going to save more time in the morning because I won't be choosing 18 new outfits!).  I've wanted a nice bike for a long time, and I am ridiculously excited about my new wheels!  I've already named her (obviously) Jenny.  :)

7. Have a good rough draft of my Race & the Law paper by spring break.  This is non-negotiable.  I know this class is going to be a bear, and I really admire and respect the professor (and may or may not have a hopeless crush on him...) and want to turn in a piece of work I'm proud of.  I am a life-long procrastinator and doer-at-the-last-minute, so this will be a challenge but very worth it. 

8. This kills me to write, but I'm really trying:  Be the best Maid of Honor possible.  My very best friend is getting married in March, and it's a big ol' Southern affair.  I am NOT a wedding person and I generally just show up for the open bar and to check out what everyone else is wearing....but this is really, really important to her, and so I will plan showers and bachelorettes, I will wear a dress that matches my shoes (kill.me.now) & 7 other women, and I will do my best to make sure it's the happiest day possible.  Luckily, she's an amazing girl and non-bridezilla-esque, so this is more about me getting over my wedding disgust (5 years of working at a bridal shop will do that do you...) because she deserves to have everything she wants out of a wedding. 

9. Go to the gym (or the pool) 4 times a week.  Self-explanatory. 

10. This is the biggie:  Work on my self-confidence.  My lack of self-love is 26 years in the making, but I'm determined to see myself in a better light.  I will never be the tiniest girl in the room, but I'm going to celebrate my curves.  I have good hair & a decent shoe collection.  I'm nice (ahem, after 10 a.m.  I'll just never be a morning person...).  When someone compliments me, I'm going to say, "Why thank you!" instead of, "Whatever."  For some reason--perhaps my Midwestern upbringing--I've always associated self-confidence with arrogance, but I know that there's a dividing line.  Feeling good about myself isn't arrogant, it's enlightening.  

11.  And the second biggie:  Find a job I love.   I will have a law-related job before the bar exam.  I will.  I WILL.  I've got a killer cover letter & resume (my first step in self-confidence building was selling myself on paper) and I'm working on my interview skills (less giggling, more direct eye contact, etc.).  I will have a job before July 28th.  I just WILL.

So there it is--my over-zealousness in print form.  The good news is that I'm so close to accomplishing most of these goals already.  I tried very hard to not set realistic expectations for myself, and I believe I've set achievable standards.  Here's to new beginnings & happier times!

Happy 2009!  


Mandy said...

Happy New Year Katie!

That is a great list of goals. I am a huge fan of turning off the tv. I struggle with the computer though. You're going to continue blogging when you're done with school aren't you?

I suck at weddings, even with my best friends. Good luck!!

Jess said...

These goals are fantastic, and totally achievable. I look forward to a season-changing check-in in about three months.

Anonymous said...

Those are good ones. I made a crap ton of new resolutions (or, as I prefer, goals), and as I wrote some I found myself thinking "you can't do that!" But I decided to aim high this year, because, you know, all that cheesy poster stuff about landing among the stars.

Your blog wants me to type in "troll" to prove I am not spam, and that seems rude ;)

ChristopherM said...

I have discovered over the past week that if I take Ginsburg out into the yard, he pees and then looks around, occasionally yapping at the neighbors, and then poops when he comes inside and I leave the room. If I walk him down the street and back, he'll poop. I can't tell you how thrilling that is for me in 20 degree weather while it is snowing.

Mandy said...

I looked for an email to send you a note but couldn't find one -- I LOVE that you get to see your friends more frequently in the next few months. I think that is awesome! And the random about being secretly proud of yourself for surviving the past 3 (most miserable) years, there should be nothing secret about it! You should be shouting it from the rooftops!! Its been a long three years and you have been working your ass off, be proud of that!!

Mandy said...

How is law school treating you this semester? I miss your blogging!