12 October 2008

Lazy Sunday

After a law school week from you-know-where, I decided to today today off.  My own version of Lazy Sunday.  I have done absolutely no law school related work today. 

FYI, typing that sentence was amazingly gratifying.  

Here's what I have done today:

1. Read the papers (L'ville Courier Journal and Washington Post), attempted the crossword
2. Had catch-up phone conversations with S. and my good friend H. 
3. Went to the grocery and planned my meals for the week. 
4. Made broth for vegetable soup
5. Made applesauce
6. Made challah--a long and tedious process but the result is sooo worth it! 
7. Made the infamous jam cookies
8. Completed my laundry, folded clothes, dusted/vacuumed my apartment
9. Planned my outfits for the week, including my interview suit for Wednesday 
10. Spent some extra cuddle time with Lulu.

Just my own little version of a lazy Sunday.  :)  


Mandy said...

Thats a full schedule for a lazy Sunday! I enjoy Sundays of doing nothing too.

Lauren said...

That is a very productive lazy Sunday! My idea of a lazy Sunday involves laying in bed with the paper, coffee, and Meet the Press.

Sounds like you had a great day, though!

Jamie Lovely said...

Sounds like a lazy day was definitely needed!