15 October 2008

Tagged by H.

Yup, it's a meme.  Whoo hoo!  No, seriously, thanks to H. for allowing me to share 7 random things you don't know about me:

1. I had a serious problem with compound words as a child.  My favorite color was "pinkhot" and my dog lived in a "housedog."  I was a hot mess.  My mom notified the learning disability teacher to prepare a seat for me in his class.  I have no idea how I outgrew this.

2. I frequently daydream about throwing my law degree out a window and opening a small bakery/pie/coffee shop.  Nothing too big, but just my own little enterprise.  I will never actually do this because I have a huge fear that it will flop & I will be in debt and out of work. 

3. My dog truly is my alter ego.  We have the same weird habits, we are stubborn, we love to be outside but hate humidity or temperatures over 90 degrees, we like the warm spot left on the bed after someone gets up (for her, it's when I get up; for me, I used to do this with S.).  Sometimes I am freaked out by how similar we are.  Could my "soul mate" (ick, boo) be a dog???  (Further evidence that I will never again have a date.) 

4. Among the random chores I LOATHE are:  filling the Brita pitcher, taking out the recyclables, organizing my Sherman-tank sized jewelry box, and yes, replacing the roll of toilet paper.  I will go to great & ridiculous lengths to avoid these tasks.   

5. Although I have given almost $80K to the University of Louisville, I feel zero allegiance to the school.  On the other hand, I will be so terribly disappointed if my hypothetical children don't want to go to Vanderbilt. 

6. I spent the past 25 years worrying that I wasn't good enough & everyone else was more worthy than me.  This is the first time in my life I have been comfortable with my body, hair, face, opinions, intellect, and who I am as a person...and I am single, unemployed, and in massive debt.  Hmm...

7. Once I love someone, I will love them forever.  Even people I have sworn I will never speak to again.

So there you go.  It's like my own version of Post Secret!  I am tagging Bagel, Lauren, Victoria, Jessica, and what the hell, Lucie, you can do this twice!  ;)


Mandy said...

Ohh this was fun! I too go to extraordinary lengths to avoid tasks I dislike. I didn't go to Ohio State, but thats where my allegiance lies. The last one is a beautiful sentiment.

Jess said...

I feel no allegiance to my alma mater either. Well, I suppose that's not quite true. I am also interested when I read or hear about fellow alums. But I could care less about the school itself.

Also, I just read your entire blog, and I think you are awesome. You remind me of a combination of myself and my best friend, plus of course some original stuff that is all you. I'm really glad you stumbled upon me so that I could stumble upon you.

heather said...

Re: your compound words, my gorgeous little cousin Laci is two, and never says her favorite color is pink, it's always "hotpink." She also says she wants to get a "hotpink dog." Maybe the two of y'all can get together on that one.

I, of course, feel zero allegiance to U of L; my Masters at UK was a hellish experience, but didn't diminish my intense support of the school. I love our undergrad alma mater while R. is far more lukewarm about it. We would be just fine with our hypothetical kid studying Poli Sci under our mutual mentor/adviser, but all our alumni dollars go to UK Law.... (Yes, I hear you and Lucie gagging over the Kentucky love. I'm ignoring it quite nicely.)


Katie said...

thanks jess! you just made my whole day!!!

LucieLu said...

Heather, I am gagging.

Kate, you get the same treatment as H. so my meme will go in your comments

7 Random Things About Lucie

(1) I have no allegiance to UofL Law, but I have a strong love for UofL Pan African Studies Dept. There are few depts in the country that can even come close to their greatness and they will get my alumni dollars.

(2) My name means "bringer of light" and my son's name means "the brightest light."

(3) Losing baby weight is the hardest thing I have ever done.

(4) By the time I was 13 I had lived in 17 different homes/apartments

(5) My step mom used to cut my hair when she was drunk, and at the age of 25 I can finally say those deep emotional scars have healed.

(6) I love Bloody Marys.

(7) I am product of public schools and community college.

Katie said...


2. Damn. That's powerful
3. But look how far you've come! You are a MILF!!!
7. Is one of the 10,000 reasons why I love you!

In all seriousness, I can say that I didn't gag one teeny bit. If you love a school, you love it. See how open-minded I am be sometimes?! I even shocked myself with that one! ;)

Becca said...

as to #2 - if you open a bakery i will eat so many of your delicious treats, your business will never fail.

have you seen the movie "stranger than fiction?" in it, maggie gayllenhal (spelling!) is an ex-law student who opens a cute bakery. when i saw it, i thought of you...actually.