22 March 2008

Finals Goals

Finals are less than five weeks away.  Ok, cover your ears.  EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!

Needless to say, I've hit the buckle-down mark and my blog posts may get sparse until Derby celebrations are over.  Knowing my tendency to procrastinate, they may actually get more prolific....

However, now that it's crunch time, I've set some goals for finals period this year:

1. I will not drink more than 3 diet cokes/diet dr. peppers in one day.  I'm worried that I'm pickling my body and I will be so well preserved that the mortician might just stand me up in a corner of his freaky little office as a testament to the aspartame = formaldehyde theory. (Note:  Coffee does not go toward the caffeine-units-per-day count)

2. I will not eat more than 2 packages of Twizzlers over the  8-day finals period.  

3. In fact, I will eat real food.  Don't know what it is about finals but all I seem to want are sugar, popcorn, and caffeine...

4. I will exercise every day.  This actually isn't a hard one for me to keep.  Despite the fact that my sneakers have been highly neglected this semester, I can always justify a run/trip to the gym during finals.  Something about endorphins and clearing my mind.  Or another way to procrastinate.

5.  I will only have ONE breakdown where I call my mom in the middle of the day and tell her that I don't want to be a lawyer and I just want to open up a bakery or work for the Travel Channel.  During said breakdown, I will feel sorry for myself for no more than 15 minutes, and then I will realize that I look like a boiled monkey and stop crying.


7. I will do not any of the following:  Read my guide books on Chile, obsess about what to wear in Chile since it will be winter,  google information about Chile, worry about speaking non-stop Spanish for 10 weeks in Chile, talk about going to Chile, eat chili, or even say the word Chile.  If I begin to think about Chile, I may find myself on a plane headed there when I'm supposed to be taking my Evidence final.

8. As always, I will go to bed late, get up early, and shower very infrequently.  Not that this is really a goal--more like an inevitable fact that I'm accepting early on.

9. I will not sell my sweet-but-hyper dog to traveling gypsies (um, is that really an ethnic slur? I mean it only in an "if a band of people who roamed the earth playing music and practicing free love came by my house, never to return" kind of way...).  While I love my Lulu, I am sometimes tempted to take her to Doggie Daycare and pick her up a week later.  I usually only have these thoughts when she wiggles her head under my chin and clinks my teeth and/or knocks over my coffee cup, or when she jumps up on my clean jeans/dress/skirt. 

10. Last but not least, I will not get overly stressed.  Sounds impossible, I know.  But I've learned that there is a inverse proportionality between my stress level and my grades:  the lower my stress level, the higher my grades.  Go figure.  Probably also important to note that my stress level is lower when I'm more prepared for exams.  Therefore...

...back to this damn Evidence outline.  I feel like I have to be a criminal lawyer now just so I can put my knowledge of the FRE to use.  Or maybe I can just use it as a "knowledgeable skill" on my Travel Channel application...hmmmm.....

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