07 March 2008

The Good News...And the Bad News...

Good:  I am leaving for a cruise in 2 days!
Bad:  I have the plague.  

By "I have the plague," I mean I have a very attractive hacking cough that made a little girl in Walgreen's bug her eyes out and run to a different aisle.  No worries, though, I have drugs!  And I really am planning on taking them all this time.  Promise.  As long the instructions don't say I can't drink fruity drinks while sunning myself on the boat.  ;) 

So, goodbye for now, readers!  I'll update you when I'm back from sun, blue seas, and probably a mild hangover.

Hasta luego!

1 comment:

heather said...

As I told you earlier today, the plague is far more attractive than a torn muscle/hemotoma and "turf toe". Seriously, who am I, Tom Brady??

Feel better, my love. Enjoy your cruise.