31 March 2008

A random gripe about being 5'3"

In the big picture, I'm not even really that short.  But apparently, being 5'3" makes me incapable of performing some ordinary functions.

For exmaple, I cannot use the handicapped toilet at school.  Normally, I try to be polite and avoid the H potty, just in case there is a person who really needs it.  But when your school only has 2 stalls--one being the H-pot--you're left with no choice.  However, you must be 5'7" + to use the H-pot properly.  I feel like a 5 year-old with my feet dangling 6 inches off the ground and the t.p. so far away that it's virtually impossible to reach.  Needless to say, this leaves me feeling RIDICULOUS. 

And as much as I adore my new apartment, the cabinets are so high on the wall that I am only able to reach items on the very bottom of my shelf without using my handy-dandy step stool.  I used to use it once every blue moon when I needed to get down a large serving platter or extra wine glasses (don't worry, I keep 8 in an easy-to-reach place at all times).   In the new place, I am using the step-stool so much that the paint is already starting to chip off the handle!  Sigh.

CLOTHES SHOPPING = DRAMA.  Pants are always too long.  Simple tank tops become dresses on me.  Dresses look frumpy because they go past my knees.  The petite section is my best friend.  Too bad it usually only includes Alfred Dunner and Liz Claiborne. 

Finally, stores like Target and Staples seem to LOVE putting the exact item I need on a shelf that is 10 feet in the air.  Then I have to find a little red-shirt person (a challenge in itself), and they have to get a ladder, and 15 minutes later, I may or may not have the item I need.  I realize that space is a hot commodity, but why must they put the skinny yellow highlighters up top where no moral can reach????  Clearly, this is a necessary item for ALL students and should be reachable.  

Don't mean to complain, but I'm feeling very short today.  :(

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Lauren said...

If it makes you feel any better, I can barely use the H-pot at school, and I'm 5'9".