02 April 2008

A Few Other Things Y'all Don't Know About Me...

Bagel's tag got me thinking.  I feel compelled to share a few other weirdo things about me that most people don't know.  I'm considering it part of my self-realization to share this with y'all:

1. If I could go back and choose another career, I'd either be an FBI agent or a 3rd grade special-needs teacher.  I'd also love to work for the Travel Channel, but I think most people know that already.  

2. The mirror in my bedroom is positively and certainly a skinny mirror.  I look very tall (ahem, like 5'5" or so) in it, and very thin.  I shamelessly refuse to get a new one.  I pretend like the reflection is real.

3. As ridiculously girly as I am, I HATE to do: anything to my nails/toes, brush my teeth (don't worry, I do, twice a day, but I don't like it), or diet.  I LOVE to: exfoliate, moisturize, curl my eyelashes, and eat junk food like Twizzlers but justify it as "fruit." 

4. I would postulate that most of my friends think I am an organized person.  Truth is:  I'm a mess.  I never hang up my clothes until the pile is really big, I leave dishes in the sink constantly, and I have virtually no organization system for my school work/notes.  My bathroom is a disaster (just ask my parents about this).

5. I am horrible when it comes to doing important tasks like:  calling the cable company to cancel the internet I don't need, returning my insurance agent's annoying calls,  depositing checks, or returning things before the 30 day period.   And if someone reminds me to do those things, I get incredibly irritated.

6. I complain about my Mom, but I really really really really REALLY hope I can be just like her.  Minus the way she drives.

7. I do not forgive easily, and I'm likely to bring up something from 3 years ago in a fight.  It's not fair, and I know it.

8. I truly have ZERO desire to be a stay-at-home mom.  Not that I think anything is wrong with it, it's just not me at all.

9. I wish I was Latina.  Or at least not so painfully plain and boring with no connection to my ancestry.  I "come from" (hate this phrase...my family has been here for 200 years!  I'm just flat-out American) the land of potatoes and beer...not too exciting.  But I can't be more exciting, so I make up for it by staying incredibly blonde.  :)

10. I truly think my dog understands me when I talk to her.  Just because she can't respond doesn't mean she doesn't know what I'm saying.

11. (My favorite number)

12. I have never had a desire to get in a physical fight, but if I encountered someone who I know is or has been violent to animals, I might kill him/her. 

Now y'all know everything you need to know about me!!!

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