06 April 2008

Sometimes Mother Does Know Best

I've officially had my finals breakdown for this semester.  Without fail, I have a moment before the "finals funnel" (those 2-3 weeks before exams) when I break down under the pressure of going through another finals period.  The thought of that horrible week just weighs on my until I break down in sobbing tears.  

Only this year, I had a weird version of the breakdown.  Instead of having 24 hours of inconsolable crying, I had 3 days of just...blah.  I wasn't sad, but I sure as hell wasn't happy.  I wasn't bawling, but I teared up constantly at any slightly sentimental thought.  Part of this might have to do with the fact that it was grey and rainy outside, but I still know that it was also my finals breakdown.  

So I did the only thing I knew would make it better:  I called my mom.  She suggested that I come home for the weekend to clear my head.  Of course, I freaked out at the thought of losing so much studying time, but decided to go home anyway. 

And you know what?  It was the perfect solution.  I got good sleep, ate ridiculously good home cooked meals, went to our little downtown festival (and bought a cute vintage pillbox hat for $5!), got a massage, and spent time with my grandparents.  And amazingly, I got an entire class outlined!  Something about being at home helps me prioritize my time (It probably doesn't hurt that my mom bribes me.  "I'll make pound cake if you meet your study goal for the day").  

So my trip home was the perfect medicine.  Sometimes mother really does know best.

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