09 April 2008

In Her Shoes...Wish I Was!

This time of year always makes me with I had the strength of Toni Collette in "In Her Shoes."  In the movie, Toni is an attorney who quits her job as a firm associate and takes up dog-walking instead.  

Toni, I wish I had your strength, because I'd love to do that right now!

Finals time always makes me wish I was doing something else with my life.  90% of the time I appreciate my legal education, and deep-down I know that a law degree will benefit me in my career. But for 2 weeks in April (and 2 weeks in December), my mind starts to wander toward all the other careers I wish I'd chosen. 

When the weather is gorgeous outside like it has been this week, I do wish I had Toni's job.  I love dogs, I love to be outside, so bring on the dog walking.  

Mostly, I daydream of working for the Travel Channel.  Samantha Brown doesn't have anything on me!  I'm convinced that my voice is less annoying than hers.  I would really care what my job assignment was, as long as I got to travel all over the world.  I would almost (ALMOST) do an Andrew Zimmern and eat weird foods.  ALMOST.  

At any rate, I would be the happiest girl in the world if I could have my own Travel Channel show.  I've thought of a few spins to pitch to the TC folks, but if anyone has great ideas, pass 'em along!

Until then, I'll be walking dogs with Toni Collette...

1 comment:

Lauren said...

My secret dream job is to have a show on "Food Network" bringing global cuisine to the home chef and sharing interesting stories about the dishes prepared.

I think you'd be MUCH more fun to watch than most of the people on the Travel Channel, and personally think you should have a travel show on shopping, because you have the best style.